Marketing Consultants for Women!


Are you a woman RUNNING a small business or non-profit organization?


We believe you, as a women entrepreneur, have a distinct experience in the business world. We tailor our services to those unique needs.

Discover Content Marketing and how you can use it successfully


We teach you how content marketing works, and how you can use it to grow your business or non profit!

develop a strategy and a plan taIlored to your unique needs and style


Reach MORE of your audience!

Drive MORE visitors to your website!

Achieve MORE of your goals!

We Help You Put Your Content to Work!

Strategy and a Plan

Avoid the "If I build it they will come" pitfall. Creating is a huge accomplishment! Now let's develop a strategy and a plan to deploy your content and accomplish your goals!

Content Development

Perfect for those with demanding schedules. You talk to us and we create your content. Do you have content created? Such as a book or blog? Perfect! We can repurpose your content to other platforms to increase your reach!

Content Posting

Email marketing, website updates, blog posting, and social media. We post your approved content to the select platforms. We can also handle engagement tasks for you such as follows/likes/hashtags, list maintenance, and comment management.

Learn the Space

Just because it looks easy doesn't mean it is. Email, websites, blogging, and social media are complex spaces with deep potential. We will help you grow your knowledge of how these platforms work, and discover how you  can use them more effectively to reach your goals.

Do the Work Once - Repurpose Again and Again!

Discover the incredible and efficient world of passive content performance. Identify your core messages and key points. Create your content. Repurpose it. Again, and again, and again. We will teach you why this works, for both you and your audience.

Paid Promotion

Organic content and authentic engagement are critical. 

So is paid promotion if you want to grow your reach. 

We'll help you figure out how!